iHEALTH full-spectrum Infrared Sauna


What to expect from the sauna


The sauna is located within its own private therapy room where you will be provided with a robe, towel.

During the session, you have the option to listen to relaxation music. The Sauna is also been fitted with light therapy and we encourage you to experiment with the different colours during your session      

How to Prepare for Sauna


Infrared therapy has been shown to increase mitochondrial efficiency, reduce the burden of toxins on the body, assist in muscle recovery and promote collagen production in the skin, along with many other many benefits.

If it is your first

sauna experience, try to arrive 5 minutes early so we have the opportunity to welcome you and talk you through your first session.

it is important to make sure you are hydrated before and after any sauna session for maximum benefit and detoxification. An hour before your sauna session try to drink at least 500ml of water.

If you can limit the number of personal care products you put on before a session. Clean skin will make it easier for your body to cleanse and clear out all the toxins and impurities. Be prepared to get hot, sweaty and enjoy some deep cleansing and relaxation.